Bitsqueezer's Access Database Solutions for Download

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DL Filename Size Hits Description
AccessTreeViewAccessTreeView561272TreeView without ActiveX with Access "Out Of The Box"
BestMatchV3BestMatchV31175574Table search with score system
BewertungMitSternchenBewertungMitSternchen65475Input of ratings with star bar
ButtonArrayButtonArray55592Usage of events for multiple buttons
CCAccessComparisonV2CCAccessComparisonV26083852016/07/06 New: Comparison of two Access files with the tool "Meld" (link to the website in the contained documentation)
CCConditionalFormattingLibraryCCConditionalFormattingLibrary224474Library to maintain conditional formattings in forms with demo form
CCCounterCCCounter122485Method to generate own counters
CCDragDropCCDragDrop27957Drag & Drop for Access Controls
CCDragDropV2CCDragDropV2493472019/09/10 New: Drag & Drop V2 for Access Controls
CCFilterV2_7CCFilterV2_716531006Comfortable self-configuring filter system
CCFormSyncCCFormSync33243Demonstrates how to synchronize forms with own events
CCInputBoxCCInputBox153443Replacement for the InputBox() function with events
CCMiniChartCCMiniChart111493Miniature charts in a record line
CCRegionalsCCRegionals747383Access to a lot of Windows regional settings
CCRepositionCCReposition57436Method to reposition the current record after a requery
CCSliderCCSlider1324483Graphic Slider Controls with Access Controls
CCSplitterCCSplitter615518Insert moveable splitter bars in your form
CCSQLCCSQL10463Little try to implement a kind of "LINQ" in VBA
CCTableTreeV2CCTableTreeV29047262014/12/22 New: CCTableTree shows an updatable table treeview without ActiveX controls with many possibilities of adjustments. A2007 or higher, documentation included.
CCTemplateScriptsCCTemplateScripts83376Disconnected ADO-Recordsets in an example of a SQL template editor
CCTextZoomCCTextZoom20824.03.2021 New: Zoom-Window for any Textbox as Access form, text can be entered as RTF or normal text.
CCValidationCCValidation42388Common validation class for form input
CheckboxAuswahlCheckboxAuswahl18626Selection of multiple records with MS Forms Listbox (with checkbox)
clsCCTimerMessageclsCCTimerMessage1472Class for timer messagebox
CollectionsCollections26455Examples for collections
ConditionalCompilerConditionalCompiler336377Conditional VBA Compiler
CSV-EditCSV-Edit288387Little CSV Editor
ESOImportCharacterDataESOImportCharacterData11131Imports the character data from Elder Scrolls Online into an Access 2007 database (compatible with newer versions)
EventDemoEventDemo37378Demo for events for multiple forms
ExtendedContinousFormExtendedContinousForm384349Experiment for horizontal scrolling of records
ExtendedInputV1_0_A2002-A2003ExtendedInputV1_0_A2002-A20031039316Classes for comfortable popup input forms, A2002-2003
ExtendedInputV1_0_A2007ExtendedInputV1_0_A20071044445Classes for comfortable popup input forms, A2007
FormEventsFormEvents26391Shows how to use events to control the user permissions
FriedhofFriedhof299481Little cemetery maintenance with graphic map
InfoWindowV2InfoWindowV2600452Popup info window at mouse movement over control
Kalender_ReservierungV1_3Kalender_ReservierungV1_3312626Calender form with reservation possibility with Access controls
LanguageEventsLanguageEvents104313Dynamic language change with events
linq4vba_151linq4vba_15150404AddIn from Nouba for CCSQL
MultiValuedFieldsMultiValuedFields250346Replacement for Access MultiValuedFields
MyControlsMyControls78440Demo how to create own controls with Access controls
ObjectTreeMitMenueObjectTreeMitMenue54582TreeView with objects in every node and contextmenu
ParameterParameter177439Shows several methods to pass parameters between forms
ProgressBarProgressBar32447Class with form to use the ActiveX progressbar
SaveObjectsSaveObjects23399Usage of OPEN FOR RANDOM as mini database to save objects
SelectRecordsV2SelectRecordsV28091061Class to select records with unbound checkbox
TemplateEditorTemplateEditor264417Template editor for controls
TermineTermine79397Export holiday tables into Excel table
TextboxAutoCompleteClassV1_0TextboxAutoCompleteClassV1_0110368AutoComplete for text boxes, German
TextboxAutoCompleteClassV1_0_ENTextboxAutoCompleteClassV1_0_EN131368AutoComplete for text boxes, English
TileFormsTileForms112417Horizontal/vertical arrangement of forms
TreesV2TreesV2208570TreeView maintenance class, furthermore a replacement for the MsgBox as HTML form
UrlaubUrlaub197447Create holiday form with code and fill it
VertraegeVertraege148524Example database for a contract maintenance with automatic record creation
WeihnachtenWeihnachten4567834Christmas Tree from christmas market in Düsseldorf 2019 with Youtube video how to create it
WertelistenWertelisten30419Maintenance for value lists for combo-/listboxes